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Monday 8th, February 2016

JavaFX 1.2 goodness

Posted by Jethro Grassie on June 2, 2009

Hot on the heels of Flash Builder 4 and Flex SDK 4, the much anticipated update to JavaFX is now with us. And WOW, this is just what I was hoping for and more.

OK, the top must-haves are now here:

  • More skin-able and CSS style-able controls
  • More layout classes

Without these, creating any real-world JavaFX app is just too darn cumbersome.
These additions should make it much much quicker and easier to create JavaFX apps.

A big change/addition I wasn’t expecting is the addition of some charting controls, including Area, Bar, Bubble, Line, Pie, Scatter, and X/Y. We seem to be doing more and more charting in applications at the moment so these will probably come in handy.

Another big addition is that of a load of effects classes. These will hopefully add some nice polish to our apps.

There are many changes in this release, more details of which can be found:

We will now be able to start creating some useful apps with JavaFX so expect more posts very soon!

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